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Golden Key Paino School’s July 2022 Newsletter

Dear Manhattan Piano Academy Community,

As we slow down and properly settle into summer, we continue to appreciate our students for the last recital of the academic year as well as those who took exams. Please see the details below.

1. Annual Exam

We would like to congratulate all our students who passed their annual Exam from prep level and over. It was a pleasure having you and we are so proud of you are excited on the progress you have been able to make so far.

We would also love to encourage those that are still working on it to continue working on it and “keep up the good work.”

There is so much more and we believe that you have grown and will continue to grow.

2. Summer Package

This summer we have a special package to help the students focus on their piano and improve a lot.

The package includes

  1. Two piano lessons per week, (60 minutes each, in person or online)
  2. One solfeggio group class per week (30 min on zoom, Thursdays at 5:00pm EST)
  3. Monthly informal performances
  4. A Recital at the end of the program

Monthly tuition $960 per month in-person,

$820 per month on zoom

Space is limited

To register reply to this email now.

To learn more about Solfeggio classes see here

3. Benefits of Music Education

Music education has major positive impacts on growth and development.

  • First, it provides the resources – and the opportunity – to let out stress in a positive way.
  • It helps with time management. To master a new piece of music, students learn to schedule practice time around existing commitments, developing good time management habits.
  • Learning the new piano will help your child use their hands in new ways that allow them to develop fine motor skills at a faster rate.
  • Music education through the presentation at recitals has a profound influence on the confidence of children. Students learning to be comfortable from a young age not only increases their comfort in their own skin, but also will benefit them in their future careers.
  • It improves one’s reading comprehension. Sheet music exposes students to a brand new set of symbols and requires them to read them, fast.
  • Children learning music are more sensitive to subtle changes in tone when speaking. Their sensitivity allows music students to better interpret subtle changes in speech and improves their ability to catch the real meaning behind the conversation.
  • Music education helps children learn how to multi-task since music making is complicated and has manty facets.
  • Finally, music education improves their creativity. It provides children a way to express themselves creatively.

Remember, Music Education is about so much more than just playing an instrument. Engaging students in music study helps them get the most out of their education.

4. Our Top Ten Student Recital

Congratulations to the small group of students who participated in our final

recital of this school year. Some of these students have already played in our Fundraising Recital, as well as in our Annual Solo Recital. That is a lot of formal performances only in a few months and a lot of pieces to prepare. We are really proud of all these students. What a joy to work with them all.

5. Our Informal Performance Days

Our in person informal performance day is happening on the first Wednesday (August 3rd) of August.

On Zoom our informal performance day will be on Sunday August 7th at 10:30am.

Meeting ID: 878 1453 2022

Password: 720817

We are looking forward to our next informal performance day in August.

Since we didn’t have performance days in June and July we are expecting

many of you to participate in August. So please mark your calendar and keep up with your summer practice

6. Teacher’s News

We are truly thrilled to welcome two new members to the Manhattan Piano Academy, Teacher Sookie and Teacher Tinki.

Teacher Sookie Zhong

Sookie Zhong started to play the piano at the age of four and got her bachelor’s degree in Music from Wesleyan College. During her time at Wesleyan College, she studied with Dr. Chenny Gan. She also gained several studio teaching experiences during her undergraduate. Her enthusiasm for teaching and music was favored by her students.

Before coming to the United States, Sookie studied with Yong Han, a former professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and Bei Chen, who is an adjunct professor from Shenzhen University. In 2016 Sookie won the Golden Prize in the Hong Kong International Piano Invitation Competition. In 2018, she worked as a piano instructor at Shenzhen Rainbow Animation Research and Development Center, an organization that serves children with disabilities, especially Autism. During her time there, she accompanied these children with music and love, which also left her with an unforgettable memory.

Sookie’s teaching philosophy is to allow her students to enjoy music. She cares for her students’ feelings and hopes to create a comfortable learning environment for her students. During her lesson, she not only teaches her students piano techniques and music theories, but also lets her students explore various types of music and enhance their critical thinking abilities.

We are pleased to have Sookie join our teacher’s team at Manhattan Piano Academy.

Teacher Tinki Yu

Tinki Yu is an accomplished pianist. He decided to pursue music as a professional career since college, after years of his excellent accomplishments, which led him to earn The Sol Berkowitz Memorial Scholarship and The Maynard-Walker Organ Scholarship. In the final year of his Bachelor, he was able to become one of the accompanists for the voice department of the school and accompany for the production “Cosi Fan Tutte” for ACSM Opera Production. He also had performed in Church Center of the United Nations.

Tinki is also the host of the music program “Audiophile” every Friday night on radio WZRC 1480.

Tinki Yu received his Bachelor of Music Performance degree at the CUNY Queens College, Aaron Copland School of Music as a student of Morey Ritt. He is currently attending Manhattan School of Music under the study with Wael Farouk, to pursue his Master of Music Degree.

As a teacher, Tinki, is patient, playful and detail oriented which makes him a great choice for students of all ages and levels.

If you have any questions please call the school at (510) 665-5466 or reply to this email.

Yours truly,
Katrin Arefy


Katrin Arefy, Head Teacher
1809 University Ave., Berkeley, CA

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