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Golden Key Paino School’s June 2022 Newsletter

Dear Golden Key Piano School Community,

As we are in the middle of our exams this month we are also preparing for the last recital of this school year. Please seethe details below.

1. Exam Registration

If you haven’t already  registered for exam:

  1. Ask your teacher which week you are going to be ready with all the requirements
  2. Find a time slot based on your teacher’s answer and your availability on the links below. You can not take the exam with your own teacher.
  3. If you started as a beginner in January 2022 or later you will have your exam next year.

If you are taking your lessons on Zoom (Distance learner) please register here

To take your exam in person please register here.

We can not accommodate last minute zoom requests if you register for in person exam.

(NOTE: We cannot accommodate schedule change so please choose your time slots accurately after you discuss it with your teacher.)

Our main goal at Golden Key Piano School is to transmit the life-long love of music to the students. Our examination and certificate is not the goal of taking lessons but it is a way to organize our teaching by following the curriculum guideline and also it is a tangible way to show the students what they have learned during the past year.

For those who are new to school, the exam is really a short lesson with the headteacher Katrin, or our senior teachers Nicole, Gabriel or Blake. All four teachers are very careful to ensure that the exam is an easy and not stressful experience for the children.

2. Summer Package

This summer we have a special package to help the students focus on their piano and improve a lot.

The package includes

  1. Two piano lessons per week, (60 minutes each, in person or online)
  2. One solfeggio group class per week (30 min on zoom, Mondays at 4:00pm PST for ages 5-9 or 4:30pm PST for ages 9 to teenagers)
  3. Monthly informal performances
  4. Monthly “polish up” group class with headteacher.
  5. A Recital at the end of the program

Monthly tuition $780

Space is limited

To register reply to this email now.

To learn more about Solfeggio classes see here

3. Top Ten Student Recital

In addition to our Annual Duet and Annual Solo recitals, we have a smaller recital every year  in June to provide more performance opportunities.

This recital is by invitation only (from your teacher) and is intended for students who missed the Solo Recital or have more pieces to perform.

Please check with your teacher to see if you are participating in the Top Ten Student recital.

Date: Sunday June 26th

Time: 5:30pm

Address: DC Piano Store 2416 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

4. Recital Videos

The videos of our 2022 annual solo recital are now on YouTube here. Please watch, “like” and share. We also appreciate if you tag Golden Key Piano School when you share video on your social media.

Congratulations once again to all students who participated in our Annual Solo Recital. It is amazing to see where our beginner students start and where our advanced students end up being after years of hard work, persistence and ups and downs. Keep up the good work you all!

5. Buddy Program

Like many of our great programs, the Buddy Program started many years ago by parents’ requests in our parent-teacher meeting. This program allows the teenagers to share their knowledge of music with younger peers.

Teenagers will benefit not only by the joy of sharing what they have learned but also by building hours of community work with helps them with their college application, while the younger students will find a teenage piano friend to practice their assignments with.

This year one of our best students at Golden Key Piano School, Jaslene, is offering her time during the summer for this volunteer work. Don’t miss this great opportunity to use your summer time for some free piano practice with an advanced caring student. Here is Jaslene’s letter.

“My name is Jaslene and I am an incoming 9th grader. I have been taking

piano lessons at Golden Key for 9 years. Piano is my passion; through this

form of art, I am able to freely express myself and relax. I have learned so

much here, including self-discipline and active listening skills, and want to

help others learn too by offering my services as a tutor for beginner

students. As a piano tutor I will help motivate students, enforce good

practicing habits, and provide weekly progress check-ins. I work well with

children, and have a lot of patience as well as a strong work ethic. I am

looking forward to tutoring!”

To be connected with Jaslene simply reply to this email.

If you have any questions please call the school at (510) 665-5466 or reply to this email.

Yours truly,
Katrin Arefy


Katrin Arefy, Head Teacher
1809 University Ave., Berkeley, CA

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