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Exam registration Details and More News

Dear Manhattan Piano Academy Community,

This month kicks us off with a special summer package as well as an exciting addition to our teacher’s team;

1. Exam Registration

How to register for exam:

  1. Ask your teacher which week you are going to be ready with all the requirements
  2. Find a time slot based on your teacher’s answer and your availability on the links below. You can not take the exam with your own teacher.
  3. If you started as a beginner in January 2022 or later you will have your exam next year.

4. Please register here

(NOTE: We cannot accommodate schedule change so please choose your time slots accurately after you discuss it with your teacher.)

Our main goal at Golden Key Piano School is to transmit the life-long love of music to the students. Our examination and certificate is not the goal of taking lessons but it is a way to organize our teaching by following the curriculum guideline and also it is a tangible way to show the students what they have learned during the past year.

For those who are new to school, the exam is really a short lesson with the headteacher Katrin, or our senior teachers Nicole, Gabriel or Blake. All four teachers are very careful to ensure that the exam is an easy and not stressful experience for the children.

2. Summer Package

This summer we have a special package to help the students focus on their piano and improve a lot.

The package includes

  1. Two piano lessons per week, (60 minutes each, in person or online)
  2. One solfeggio group class per week (30 min on zoom,Thursdays ay 5:00pm EST)
  3. Monthly informal performances
  4. A Recital at the end of the program

Monthly tuition $960 per month in-person,

$820 per month on zoom

Space is limited

To register reply to this email now.

To learn more about Solfeggio classes see here

3. Referral System

Many thanks for referrals!

We have been registering students who were referred to us by current or former students of Golden Key Piano School. Believe it or not, we have even had referrals from those who are just starting their own lessons at Golden Key Piano School. We are flattered and grateful for the confidence that our students and their families have in our ability to teach.

To return the favor, for each student that is referred, we will:

  • Add $50 to our scholarship fund to make our quality lessons available to a wider community.
  • Waive the $30 registration fee for your friend as a welcome gift to our school.
  • Send you a thank you gift.

If you have any questions please call the school at (510) 665-5466.

Yours truly,
Katrin Arefy


Katrin Arefy, Head Teacher
1809 University Ave., Berkeley, CA

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